This was the first really good bike I had. I passed my test on it. On the picture below you can see the L-plate on the front of my bike. You can also see that vital bike accessory, an ammo bag with a Grateful Dead SYF logo on it (not visible) holding a barbequeue rack. It was a terrific bike, handled well with Dunlop TT100's on it and went quite fast with green and white long overlap cams. Unfortunately the long overlap cams and the lack of desmo also meant if you over-revved it it was very likely to get a stuck valve. I could get the cylinder head on and off and unstick the valve in about 15 minutes in the end (benefit of shaft/bevel gear cam drive). I went on a trip to Germany via Calais, to the Brecon Beacons in Wales, to Bridgewater in Somerset on new year's eve, all from Watford, and all around the South East and Yorkshire on it. It went to my friend Andy 'Moto Morini' Kemp eventually.