I am a longtime member of the DoD. My membership number is DoD#884 (this is quite a low number for DoD membership). As we used to say, 'I could tell you what it means, but then I'd have to kill you'. These days the DoD seem to have mellowed and it is public knowledge that it isn't a Department of Defense Motorcycle Club but the Denizens of Doom - an internet club from the dawn of the net (before all that WWW stuff) - mainly academics who wasted a bit of time reading on usenet news.


I'm a member of the Institute of Advanced motorcycles and, for a while was an observer for them (sort of trained people). I owe a lot to Mark Langrage who trained me and especially to Bob Brown, the examiner for the Durham IAM group when it started, recently retired as head of the Durham Police motorcyle section, founder and organiser of the BikeWise annnual bikers event in Durham and still running the excellent BikeWise training scheme. Visit his site and get trained by him - it is an ace day on the bike.

Here I am after a hard morning's training with Bob B!