A true classic and a truly classy bike - owned by all sorts of early 70's top people. Until recently, by far the sportiest bike BMW produced with good old Dell-Orto 42mm carbs with accelerator pumps (good for an ex-Ducati 250 man to fiddle with). It absolutely required positive throttle through corners, but, if you got the speed right so you could do this, it handled well (albeit not quickly in terms of direction changes). I had the spongy springs at the front of mine replaced with heavier duty police spec ones (stiffer for carrying radios and stuff). This helped the handling. It was, however, very, very odd if you got air as it would twist in flight. I once blew a spark plug out of one of its cylinders - still got me home as a 450 single. Pretty easy to fix. In the end I decided it wasn't fast enough. I should never have traded it in though - I should have kept it.