I currently teach a short course with Hannah Smithson on Using MATLAB and CRS Tools for Vision Science. The course lasts for a week and is usually run at the end of September. We teach the MATLAB programming language from scratch and then explain how to use MATLAB in conjunction with specialised hardware and software from Cambridge Research Systems Ltd. (visual display and calibration systems, eyetrackers etc.) for vision science. If you are interested in attending the details are on the Cambridge Research Systems website. Feel free to drop me an email if there is more you would like to know.

Within the University I have taught all sorts over the years. A lot of my lecture notes are still on Durham's internal teaching support system DUO. When I first started lecturing I gave a course on Animal Learning Theory and made the lecture notes available generally on the world wide web. They were picked up by quite a few people for use in supporting other courses, textbooks and so on. Just in case the disappear from the Durham University server here they are (the embedded images are, unfortunately, long gone). I'd be grateful for some acknowledgement if you use them for non-profit purposes. If you want to use them in a publication or for something commerical just get in touch with me first:

and a Psychopathology course I once gave: